Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just a little doodle/sketch I did during the summer. 

I think she looks mean, or maybe she's just very tricky/clever.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A little practice image on painting skin. I find that selecting the right hues and geting the right textures is very hard. So as they say practice practice practice.  I did enjoy working on it, and decided that I should just keep working on it.
There are some flaws in the anatomy. Her neck is a little long, the irisesare not the same size. One ear is slightly bigger than the other although it doesn't show. I am however very pleased with the nose, the way the skin looks, the hair and the jewellery. It was all good practice and good fun. Next time I'll try to make something more dynamic. Someone in combat or something.

I just purchased the ImagineFX fantasy females special edition and have found myself being enormously inspired. Even though I had to pay something close to 34$ for it since it is only found in select kiosks here in Norway and is special import.

Anyway, back to the picture. I've titled it "Concubine". That's what she looks like to me. I was going for something else but she changed during the process and I realized she was meant to be a concubine. The maharaja's favorite or something like that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ok, si it's been a while since I did some self-advertising and I thought that it might be time to do so again. Luckily I didn't have to search for long for something to do, I didn't have to search at all. 

I recieved an e-mail a couple of days ago from a lady who thought that some of my erotic/porno art might be suited for an art competition named ARTUndressed hosted by Erotic Signature. I was really skeptical to begin with. You never know when someone is trying to hoax you, and get away with your money. So I got my fiancé to check it out, because he's good with that kind of stuff. And what do y'know they checked out. So I decided to sign up for the competition. The entry fee was  20 $ per image, and a handling fee of 4,95 $. Since we're in the middle of moving to England money is a little tight so I only entered two illustrations. Hopefully they will be accepted, and hopefully (fingers crossed) One or both of them makes it into the coffee table art book.

The winner has the opportunity to win 2500$ or something like that. I don't expect to win at all but it would be nice to get some more illustrations published. If you want to check out the competition then just go to:
Here you can read the guidelines for the competition, check out the prizes, or peak at some of the entries. Deadline is 15. August.

I'm surprised to find that my erotic art is as popular as it is, I've sold some originals already and apparently prints might be desired by some. I guess it's true what they say, sex sells :p