Friday, June 25, 2010

Just letting you know I'm alive

I haven't been active on this blog lately, and it is a shame. It's supposed to help me promote myself and my work. There just hasn't been any time for it so far.  I've been so busy packing my apartment into tons of cardboard boxes that I haven't really been able to do any creative stuff at all.
This weekend I'll be attending Desucon in Oslo, and hopefully I'll have some nice photos to show from it, and also hopefully a little profit. I could really use some extra cash by now.

I'll just leave you with a photo of me from a gothic circus themed photoshoot Sunniva and I took part in last weekend. Photo was taken by my good friend Adriane Vinter. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I just finished my semester project. It was about porn..Gods only know why I chose to work with this but it was actually quite fun.

I wanted to see if people would react differently to pornographic material if it was taken out of it's usual context and made to look like something else? Would people even consider it to be porn or just erotic illustrations?

The answer is yes. People have reacted very differently. When I have shown them my illustrations some think it's childrens books illustrations before they get a closer look. Some people just laugh and think the whole concept is hilarious. Others again blush a little and giggle. But no one, not even a single person has been offended in any way, or thought that the pictures were disgusting or pornographic. So I would say that the project has been highly successful. 

Now I am aware that making sexual illustrations isn't exactly new. Naked women have been painted before as muses, it is when they cease to be a muse and are just naked women on divans that people have reacted. I wanted to experiment with the whole concept. Have people moved on? Does the taboo of naked bodies performing sexual acts still make people feel dirty? Does religion still come into play? Does feminist views affect the reciever?

Of course people are still affected, of course all of these things play a part in how we percieve something, but so does presentetation. If I had shown anyone a printed screenshot from a porn flick, people would think it gross, and ask me why the hell I was showing it to them. But when presenting the same material in a different medium, a different expression people loose a lot the associations they usually have towards porn.

Well, enjoy :P

Title: Pussyjuice

Title: Sit on it baby

Title: Lick it!

Title: I love cock

Title: Deeper Harder

Title: Are you sure this is right?

Title: Oh God, don't stop