Sunday, December 30, 2012

An officer and a lady - quick sketch

I was doodling around yesterday, just practicing different poses when I came across a photo of Greta Nissen. It was a shot from one of her black and white movies called "Hells Angels". it showed a man in a military uniform dancing with the lovely Greta and I got very inspired to draw their pose.

So I drew an image freehand whilst looking at the photo and paying attention mostly to the uniform of the soldier. Today I sat down and added in some color in photoshop just for fun. I have to say I find it to be quite the cute image.

(c) Anita K. Olsen Støbakk

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Anita K. Olsen Støbakk

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Arya Stark - A little part of me

Todays Game of Thrines character holds a special place in my heart. I feel a connection to Arya Stark, like a lot of girls and women who don't fit in to the girly-girl mold do. When my brother and I played together as children I always wanted to be the hero or the knight. I was never really the princess type. Now don't get me wrong I love dresses and skirts, but I never played with baby dolls and instead of playing house I liked to set up scenarios where my Barbies had to fend of sharks or make a living in the middle of a swamp. I had toy swords and guns spread around my pink and yellow room in between my Stuffed animals, my costume chest and my drawing equipment. I am still the same today. I would much rather be the knight in shining armor on my noble steed or a swashbuckling duelist instead of a swooning princess in a castle.

So without further ado, here is my rendition of Arya Stark:

Image: (c) Anita K. OlsenCharacter: George R. R. Martin

Do any of my trusty readers share this attachment with me? Maybe you have another character that you hold in extra high regard? I would very much like to know :)

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Anita K. Olsen


Daenerys for Christmas

I'm doing a little holiday project at the moment inspired by Game of Thrones. I'm drawing my favorite characters from the series. First up is the lovely Daenerys Stormborn of house Targaryen holding one of her beloved dragon eggs.

Image: (c) Anita K. OlsenCharacter: George R.R. Martin

She has a purpose which I will not yet reveal as it might spoil the surprise for some, so I will hold my tongue.
I did not intend for it to rhyme but there it is.

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen.