Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My DeviantArt!

Hi all!
I got to thinking the other day about the fact that I have been on Deviantart for years, but I've never really made the effort to reach out to the community there. I've sort of just been hanging around not doing much.
I want to change that so I'm reaching out to you now. If any of my readers are on DeviantArt and want to
connect with me there you are very welcome! You can click the link below and it will take you to my one and only DeviantArt profile.

Anita's DeviantArt!

I put up a lot of things on that profile, stuff I wouldn't keep around in my professional portfolio so it's quite interesting to see the development of my artistic skills through the years :)

That's all I had to share with you this time but never fear I will be back soon with more quirkyness
or art or useful adult advice!

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen



Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Logo design - Norsk geek forum

These past two days I've been working on a logo design for a Norwegian Geek Forum that was started up by a friend of my fiancée. They have both been working on it apparently and suddenly found themselves in the need of a logo. They kindly requested if I could make one for them, and being the loving wife to be that I am I graciously agreed to help them out. Of course I was quite delighted to be asked to help out, since I am a geek of heart.

Below you can see the logo I designed for them. It consists of various gaming controllers inspired by the Atari 2600 joystick, a classic computer mouse, the PS3 controller and the old classic Nintendo controller.
The boys were happy with the design and so am I, so all is well that ends well!

(c) Anita K. Olsen

(c) Anita K. Olsen

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen


Wintertime blues...

Yeah...so I'm not a big fan of winter. Which is quite unfortunate considering I live in Norway, one of the few inhabited places in the world with more winter than anything else! I don't have that big of a problem with the cold, I mean the cold has always been there. It's the nearly constant darkness that bothers me. Being bereft of natural daylight just makes me plain ol' depressed and bereft of energy. The dreaded - Wintertime Blues has struck again!

If you, like me have an issue with the changing of the season then you know how counter productive it is to any creative effort. I completely shut down for a couple of weeks unless I actually have a pressing deadline. So what can one do to get out of this slump?

I don't know if what works for me will work for you, but here are some of my creative wintertime tips!

1. Get smart, get a new hobby!
Use some of your creative downtime to learn something new or plunge into a hobby that you've been neglecting for a while. I have been beading like crazy for the past two weeks and the end result is that I have a ton of home made Christmas gifts to show for it. (Great hobbies are for example gaming, beading, reading, writing, scrapbooking, whatever floats your boat)

2. I know you don't want to hear this, but clean your house!
It's amazing how creative and fresh you can feel after all the clutter around you has been thoroughly cleaned and sorted.

3. Participate!
Participate in an on-line contest, or an artist forum or with your artistic friends on Facebook, Blogspot or Deviantart or whatever social platform you prefer. You are guaranteed to be inspired by someone or something in the end.

4. Do something new!
Do something that you haven't done before creatively, like trying to draw something you haven't drawn before or try a technique you haven't tried before. It may spark just the right plugs in your brain to get the creative ball rolling. I have never drawn an Atari 2600 joystick before but yesterday I tried it and that kind of got me going with other things too.

5. Don't stress out!
There is nothing more counter productive than stressing out over things you haven't gotten around to doing yet. I should know, I do it all the time. ust lower your shoulders and breathe a little bit deeper. If you haven't done anything yet then I'm guessing the world isn't going to end if you put it off a little bit more. The laundry is not going anywhere and neither are the dirty dishes. Life is to be enjoyed after all!

Yeah, this is what I do...except for the cleaning...
I do intend to rectify that today though, because even though I don't enjoy it it's necessary ;)

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen

Train your brain Contest!

So if you are on DeviantArt and haven't been paying attention lately then you should do so now. If you are simply not a DeviantArt member yet now seems to be a good time to become one. DeviantArt has come together with TAD (the art department) and are now holding a contest with the most spectacular prizes!

As a young struggling artist I make it my business to know about and participate in as many events and contests that are relevant to my field as possible. You never know what might happen. Maybe your next job will come from somebody who noticed you, or maybe you win the contest or you might just end up with a good piece of art you wouldn't have made otherwise. Either way I think it's a good idea to participate and be an active part of the art community.

I deeply recommend you guys to take a quick peek at the contest by following the link below:

Train your brain contest!

Hopefully this will get your brains and ambitions going!

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fictional Five - The List!

Ok, so get ready for a silly post. I have contracted the flu so I' have done..nothing all day except watching videos on youtube...
 I'm always behind on memes or hypes or trends. I just can't keep up and most of the time I can't be bothered either. Because let's face it a lot of what happens on the Internet is just plain old stupid. However today I watched Vaginal Fantasy Hangout episode 2 with Felicia Day, Bonnie Burton, Kiala Kazabee and Veronica Belmont. (I'm sick, I needed entertainment and those girls are awesome!)
you can watch the episode here:

Anyway they broached the subject of  "The List", you know five celebrities you could be with..sexually if you met them. They however put a spin on it and made their own "Fictional Five" characters from games, cartoons, tv-shows, films and books. Now I have always had crushes on fictional characters instead of real people...now that sounded very bad, but you get my point..I hope. Drooling after celebrities just feels weird because you don't know them as people, you just get to see the outside. Fictional characters however, you get to know them, you get to know their life stories and get whisked away into their respective alternate universes. So much more interesting. Did I mention that I love list making, well now I have!

Without any more ado here is my Fictional Five list:

1. Prince Arutha from the Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist.
He is noble, brooding and dark haired. Sort of like my fiancée when I think about it. That's kind of freaky!
(btw he marries a woman with the same name as I have, I like the sound of princess Anita :P).

2. Dante from the Devil May Cry video Games. Do I really have to explain myself?

3. Aragorn From Lord of the Rings

4. Fenris from Dragon Age 2

5. Eric Northman...True Blood, yes!

What's your Fictional Five?

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Undead in red

This in my mind is a crazy undead redhead. I mean she is either undead or she has a serious general aversion to sunlight. Who knows, but as my dear fiancée pointed out she looks mental either way.

(c) Anita K. Olsen



Until next time
Anita K. Olsen