Monday, March 29, 2010


These are two monsters I've made recently. They are both painted in acrylics on canvas (20x20cm). 

The first one is a picture of a young Medusa with a mirror-adorned bow in her head.

The second one is a picture of a Deep water monster who lives at the bottom of the deepest ocean. He would live in shallower parts if he could, places where you get more sunlight, but he is simply too big for that.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Illustrations for Crow Toes Quarterly

These are illustrations I made for the thirteenth issue of CTQ. They were made for two different poems.

This one was made for a poem about a ghostly piper

And this one was made for a poem about a young girl who almost drowns in a river while some cows stand watching idly.

If you are interested in knowing more about Crow Toes Quarterly or if you want to buy their latest E-zine just visit them at:

Red Dragon- from start to end

So this picture was made as a practice picture of sorts. I haven't done dragons in a long time so I figured it was time to do so. I haven't really done a proper background in a while either. I've never really had the patience, but recently I have been trying to rectify that.

I started out with a pencil sketch, did a blue color wash over it. Painted it with acrylics and fine tuned it in photoshop. It is not perfect, but it was a good effort on my behalf. The next dragon picture I do will hopefully have a more exciting composition and more movement.   

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mural from the summer of -09

This is a mural I did with my group for NKS. They needed something to brighten up their hallway and they chose our concept. The concept itself was not mine, it was created by a fellow student, I was more of a project leader of sorts which was a valuable experience I feel. It was a very laid back and well functioning group all in all. 

As project leader I think you should always show up to work. Very few excuses hold water. It is your responsibility to plan the progress of the work flow, make sure everyone knows when to show up and where, and make sure everyone is happy and have their say. I'm a firm believer in democracy, if you don't try to listen to the people your working with then your a bad leader.

Here are the pictures from the first mural I ever did, the NKS mural.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Murals for NKF

So this last school project was fun to work with, sort of.

It was a lot of back and forth, changing of this and that. We used so much time on the concept idea, and composition, color choices, use of style and so on and so forth. We were actually getting to a point where we were developing headaches and large balls of frustration were building up inside.

We ended up with a great concept though. A little quirky, and odd. We were supposed to design a mural that portrayed Oslo, that gave the beholder a feeling of inspiration and joy, or something similar to that. Our concept was picture frames.

We wanted the mural to look like a wall filled with family portraits. Something everyone could relate to. We chose to place the reigning king and queen of Norway in two of the pictures, we also put in a park bench and a picture of the Norwegian Parliament, a rat, because lets face it every big city has rats. We also added a traffic light, which at least I think of when I think of Oslo, the city center is crammed with them. We also added a lynx because they can be found in nature close to Oslo. 

We took some process shots That I'm posting below. And after I'm done posting this I'm going to a costume party as Alice in Wonderland. I will be sporting a lovely (Add ironic tone) blond wig, so yeah it will certainly be fun, maybe I'll post some pictures from the whole ordeal. Until then enjoy the progress shots from the mural assignment.

we taped up the outlines of the frames so we could paint a grey base coat. It is the best way to go when doing murals. It gives you a fresh clean base to paint colors on. And keeps the color fron bleeding out on the rest of the wall.

We used an overhaed to arrange the composition to our liking. Easy to rearrange and makes it easy to tape the frames on the wall and draw up all the images.

Here, we've drawn the images on the wall on the grey base coat with pencil, and have started to paint over them.

Here's me, and the back of the head of a fellow muralist. Not very favorable lighting exactly.

This is the finished result of our labor. It took us a total of six hours for the four of us to do the entire thing.

rat with a hat

funny walk traffic light


King Harald

park bench

Queen Sonja

Norwegian Parliament


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broken Glass

Yet another batch of poetry. This is a poem I wrote about a year ago or so. 

Broken Glass

I tread on pieces of broken dreams
They cut me like pieces of broken glass
Every cut leaves a mark
in my soul and in my heart

Through all the cuts and bruises
at least you stuck around
Now help me put together all the shattered pieces
 I have found

I used to have more faith in me
but faith seems to cut it short these days
will you have faith in me,

and see what I no longer see.