Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lucid Dream_game concept assignment

Well here comes another art post. This was my final product for our game concept assignment.

The story behind it is this: The plot is loosely based on the fairytale Snow White. My young heroinne (Jo) has lost her father and her "evil stepmother" wants his inheritance all to herself. Therefore she has poisoned Jo, and as a result of this Jo has fallen into a choma. She has been hospitalized, and the game begins inside her dreams. In her dreams she travels through different dreamworlds in search for a way to escape her choma. The worlds gradually get darker and gloomier as she gets closer to the answer, which is a magic mirror that she has to climb through to get back to the real world.
During her journey she meets a goblin, he's sort of a helper character, like the dwarves are in snow white. The goblin, named Dwarg is a sarcastic and grumpy little thing, but he's a good guy. Of course there is also a villain, she is the poison that runs through Jo's veins personified. Jo has to combat her several times through the game and at the end they have a final battle.

Cover art for the game, I envisioned it to be a playstation game hence the ps2 logo.

This is one of the environments I made for the game. A dark gloomy poisonous wood, but with an air of magic.

The villain (Poison)

The Heroinne (Jo)

The helper (Dwarg)

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