Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mural from the summer of -09

This is a mural I did with my group for NKS. They needed something to brighten up their hallway and they chose our concept. The concept itself was not mine, it was created by a fellow student, I was more of a project leader of sorts which was a valuable experience I feel. It was a very laid back and well functioning group all in all. 

As project leader I think you should always show up to work. Very few excuses hold water. It is your responsibility to plan the progress of the work flow, make sure everyone knows when to show up and where, and make sure everyone is happy and have their say. I'm a firm believer in democracy, if you don't try to listen to the people your working with then your a bad leader.

Here are the pictures from the first mural I ever did, the NKS mural.

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