Saturday, January 30, 2010

Of castles and lonely girls

Ok, so this is a slightly sad poem. It is not about me or any of my friends. It is simply a story. So don't think I'm all emo even though I might look the part sometimes :P It is just something my hand started writing, so here goes:

Of castles and lonely girls

There's a castle dark and crumbled
hidden within a girl
The halls are empty the windows are broken
no words are spoken

It used to be a happy pretty place
with lights and flowers
Those days are over now and forever
she will find those moments never

Now the girl is gone
only the ruins remain
From the heart flies a bird
with a sad song that should have been heard...

Written by Anita Olsen a.k.a Anita Night

Friday, January 29, 2010

Brave..the poetry inside

The poet within  me has awoken for a brief period of time. It comes and goes. Last night it compelled me to write and the result is this poem:


My mortal heart is flowing over
with dreams and wishes
of true fulfillment, love and kisses

But at my center something nags
a dark thing spreading doubt
Something I dearly wish I could live without

It tells me I will never succeed
my dreams will come to naught
that all my wars were needlessly fought

But I refuse to listen to the nag
It's not my intention to simply stop trying
to fulfill my dreams I would brave the risk of dying...

written by Anita Olsen a.k.a Anita Night

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Submission for ArtOrder Creature Retread

Well I have taken the plunge, manned up (so to speak) and actually tried to participate in the ArtOrder challenge calle Creature Retread. I am terrified to tell the truth.

I know that I'm supposed to become a professional illustrator pretty soon, but that doesn't mean I don't have a little vicious goblin in my head who likes to point out weaknesses. I think everyone has one. Right now mine is telling me that I suck when it comes to digital artwork...Be it true or not that's how I feel. This submission is the first real attempt I have done when it comes to digital work that is even worth mentioning.

Fingers crossed that somebody will actually like it. We will see. I think I'm pleased with it though. I know there are some flaws here and there, but time will not permit any further work on this piece due to school.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010- starting a new year

Happy new year everybody ^^

Alrighty, I have nothing new to show as of yet... not because I am lazy and haven't bothered to make anything. I can't really show you because all my latest works belong to the monster art exhibition and I wont be releasing any of the paintings before the art exhibit starts.

I can however give you a little taste. One of my unfinished pieces:

This is quite exciting for me, I have never done a skeleton before, and this is sorta going to be my homage to the corpse bride. fingers crossed it'll look good when I'm finished :P