Thursday, February 23, 2012

New design!

Yes so I've finally registered my business. That deserves a small hooray. Now I can finally get properly started on my life as a professional illustrator.

I felt that with a new start my blog deserved a new design. Something fresh and professional. I chose grey because it doesn't steal a lot of attention from the artwork and it is soothing on the eye and gives of a professional feel.

The banner I made was made in pencil. I did it in pencil because my line work is technically strong and I have been told that it should be shown of. I like old parchment like banners. It has sort of a romantic feel to me, it gives off the feeling of lost and forgotten times. I am a romantic after all so I think it suits me and my business quite well.

I might have to change it up a bit thoug. It is very simple at the moment and I am considering to add some more Victorian details, like flowers, or ornament details or something like it.

Any Opinions?

Until next time
Anita Night


  1. I know this is a little late, but congratulations anyway! Yey! Starting your own business puts you one step closer to success. It’s a plus factor that you make it online; it’s the trend nowadays, and it really creates a good effect on your business popularity and sales. With your talent, nothing is impossible, and I hope you’re doing great. ;-)

    Frida Stanton

  2. The current design of your blog seems good to me. Though it may be simple, it speaks volumes of your artistic ability. I was fascinated with your banner, by the way. It's unique, so cool, in fact, that people might consider it as one of your trademarks. You've got the right widgets for your blog too! That gave your clients so many ways to contact you. That's great for your business! Keep it up, Anita. :)

    Francis Miller @ Priority Media Solutions

    1. Thank you very much Francis. I can't say I ever thought of the banner as a trademark worthy design, but maybe it is. We are our own worst critics after all, so it's nice with some outside opinions. :)