Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advanced Individual D&D project, part 5 - Ever onwards

Sooo a bit of radio silence for a couple of weeks. We had visitors here in England from some good friends from Norway. They brought their 3 month old baby along with them. He was very cute but also very distracting at times :p

I did however get some work done. I have finished doing rough sketches, and made some nice clean ones that are easier to decipher. Because of time constraints I have also had to start coloring and finishing up my illustrations because they have to be handed in by the 17th of December. Am I stressed out or what...I don't even want to think about it.

I invested in a small light box at Argos,not the best quality, but it beats sticking my drawings on a window just to be able to trace them. What I intend to show you guys this time are the simple clean sketches that I've made and scanned, this does not include the goblin/hobgoblin/bugbear illustration I have showed you earlier.

Shadar - kai Warlock:

Mul slave attacking Drider:

Elven sorcerer:

Warden Class description

Elf assassin and dragonborn noble:

Shifter Class description:

note: The shifters look like crap in this sketch, but I intend to vamp them up quite a bit in the coloring stage.

Crumbled Tower:

Yeah, so those were my sketches following very soon will be some of the finished illustrations. I don't really have time to change a lot when it comes to composition, but I'll take any critique you have and fix or rework things if time allows it near the end.

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen (Anita Night)

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