Monday, November 8, 2010

Underdark shaman - finished version

So I finally got around to finishing my personal project. I haven't had any time to enjoy myself just doing personal stuff, but I couldn't leave this unfinished any longer, because I would simply forget that it existed. I tend to do that. I'm a workaholic and I rarely take btreaks from jobs with a deadline...I have problems switching of. (not a surprise to those who know me). 

My inability to take breaks is probably the reason why I smoke. It gives me an excuse to go outside, take ten minutes to breathe a little and clear my head. If I didn't smoke I'd probably work 24-7, but I digress.

It is finally finished, at 01.35 in the morning. There are some issues I could work out, but I simply do not have the time, and I'm actually pretty pleased with it. I've subtracted a lot of details and changed the pose of the Drow a bit. It has made the image less cluttered and puts the Shaman more into focus. I like the colors, and for once I've actually been able to paint rocks. Yay for me!! Personal progress is always fun.

Fig.1 is the original sketch and image and of course Fig. 2 is the finished image.



Happy to have finished it. 

That's all for now,
Anita Night

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