Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Dead" poetry book spread

Here is the first "finished" spread for my illustrated poetry book project. I am illustrating Some of the poems my fiancée has written over the years. Copyright for written materials (poems) belong to him and all illustration copyrights belong to me so this is a joined project. It's sort of like having areal client because in the end it is his poems I am illustrating and if he is not happy then the project is a failure.

So far I've done a lot of preliminary sketch work, created a dummy and started doing some finished odds and ends. I am currently doing a collage sort of thing. Which means that pretty much everything you see in the illustration has been made as separate illustrations and has been Photoshopped together. The background is really a black and  blue painted texture (acrylic on watercoulour) blended with a black background color. The skull is a pencil drawing, so are the roses, but they have been colored in Photoshop. The hair on the skull was painted on digitally too. The faint roses in the background was made with ink, and was then set to vivid light blending mode and opacity was turned down to 6%.

A lot of prep work went into this but I have to say that I am very pleased with my first spread. Only 7 more and a cover spread to go :P

It feels good to be doing something different than pure Photoshop work, and I love working with the Gothic vibes right now. 

The poem featured on this page is called "Dead" and is written by Ole M. Stoebakk. 


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