Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lichy goodness's been a while since I had the time, the energy and the opportunity to do anything creative. After living like homeless bohemians for almost six months we finally got an apartment, we moved in in the beginning of January, yes this month. Things have been crazy at work as I've been working full time to make up for the fact that one of the full time employees quit around new years and of course no one in the management section had thought to bring in a temp. So I'm pretty much six months behind on my great scheme. My business should have been up and running by now, but such is life, things rarely turn out how you want them to.

It's been kind of hard on my motivation. It wavers every now and then. I'm not giving up on anything of course. It's just taking me longer to get where I want to be is all. That being said it still annoys the hell out of me!

Anyway, I finally had a whole weekend of, so I decided to find an old sketch from my digital archives. The choice fell on an image of a Lich standing at the mouth of a cave. Oh joy, oh joy, I love classic fantasy themes.

I think Liches are a ton of fun even if my favorite subject usually is pretty girls in cool outfits. A lot of Lich images tend to be rendered in dark colors, those colors usually being red or purple with a whole lot of grey and black and some poisonous-looking green glowing magical light or something like that. Leather and torn capes or cloaks seem to be an artist favorite as well. And usually I would be all on board with that, but this time I wanted to experiment with color and make something that looked a bit more organic. Not that I think liches and the undead can truly be organic, but Liches don't all look alike. I wanted my lich to look like he or she could have been a Shaman or a druid of some sort when he/she was alive and kicking. Hence the fur and the bird skull and the beaded headdress and the ochre colored robe. The lich seems to be welcoming you or waiting for you at the mouth of the cave. The evil grin on his face bodes ill for whoever enters his domain.

Maybe I succeeded maybe I didn't, but that was the idea I was going for. It's up to you to decide.

Until next time
Anita Night

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