Friday, December 30, 2011


Sometimes I write poetry. It's sort of a venting mechanism and an outlet for my creativity when I don't have time to draw. Sometimes my poems are about true things, about myself and my mind and my heart. Some times they are just stories or exaggerated emotions. No matter how they are written or what the current topic may be it's always very personal. Sometimes they come together in the space of five minutes, the words just fall into place. Other times it can take days or weeks before it starts to sound right.

This poem I just jotted down because I needed to. The words were just there today driven out on paper because of all the strains my family and I have been through this year. It's just been a bit rough as of late. One bad thing happening after the other and my frustration and sadness needed to find a way out. Anyway here is my latest poem.


Why is it always so hard,
When happy news knocks on the door,
bad news comes around like a bad second guest.
Nice gestures are rewarded with nothing but a sour aftertaste as something
bitter is thrown your way.

I paint a happy smile on every day,
I keep hoping that I’ll be able to put on a real one someday.
When my troubles, my trials seem like nothing,
and things finally start going my way.

The black eyeliner smudging at the corners of my eyes,
herald the on-coming trickle of tears.
I hide them well in the darkness of my pillow hoping they won’t leave stains,
when my hurt is washed away.

By: Anita K. Olsen

Until next time
Anita Night

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