Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project management

These jolly little fellows were made for a presentation. The class had been split into new groups and our assignment was to create an assignment for the first- year illustration students.

In our assignment we told the students that the world had been taken over by plants and fruit. they had finally had enough with human pollution. Plants had started to take control over people's minds by dropping seeds into their stomach. The seed start to grow and soon it grows into your brain and you slowly turn into something quite brain dead.
The plants have also grown wild over the cities.
The students were told that there were only small groups of people left in the world, hiding away in shopping centres and other buildings around the world. Their assignment was to develop a survivla kit, so that humans would be able to survive in an urban jungle, with weapons, camoflage and antidotes.

This i s a small selection of mutated fruit : 

Our first years won the contest ^^ *gloates*

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