Monday, May 24, 2010

Out of Breath

I take a swig of my flask,
a taste of drunken scenery.
Sweet toxins running into me.
I bring a cigarette to my lips,
a kiss of death, I needed this.

I've been decieved for far too long,
I wear this mask,
and they think me strong.
I wish that I could love you still,
but now I know I never will

And so I return to my flask and cigarette
with a heavy heart and out of breath...

This is an old poem, written when I was 16-17 or something like that. I had almost forgotten about it in the mists of time, but found it again today, and thought I would repost it. I was heartsick when I wrote it. I had been in a relationship with someone I saw some good in, and that I saw potential in, but who constantly disappointed me. At this time I saw sense and realized it was time to cut my losses and just get over it. So I wrote this poem and went outside on my porch and lit a cigarette. I really am a silent drama queen when I think about it, a melancholy goth girl who thrives artistically during hardship.


  1. I used to be like that, the whole silent drama all for myself kinda thing. Best products came from that in fact. But i have lost that! Now I work best when I am calm in the head, thoughtfull and slightly hyper on coffee or sugar. I would love a cotage in the woods without interuptions though.

    Blei nesten beskymra mens jeg leste det, dustejente :P
    Faen, jeg har også et dikt fra den alderen der sånn som er det beste diktet jeg har skrevet, men finner det ikke -_- I WANTZ IT.
    kanskje det var i dagbok/loggsaken/scraptingen jeg brandt oO

  2. "Nød lærer naken kvinne å spinne" er det ikke det det heter? :P Think that rings true for most of us. Decent poem too, surprisingly so for the age. There's certainly a lot of truth in it.

  3. Hehehe, ingen grunn til bekymring for å si det sånn :p

    I've kind of lost the silent drama too. Maybe it's because I'm not alone anymore or something like that. I kind of miss the silent drama, because it did bring out a lot great things from me.
    håpe du finn diktet ditt eller kanskje kan huske det, mangle en par sjøl også.