Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sketch of the week

Yeah, I don't really do daily or weekly sketches but in the small hours of the night when my mind is burning viciously on that overused night oil it's hard to think too creatively when naming things. So hence the mind bogglingly clever title of this post.

On to the subject matter...I've drawn a baby..holding a rattle...with a skull painted on it...I don't really know why. Maybe it's because our friend Kim is visiting us and he has been talking over skype to his little baby boy. I'm not that into babies or kids in general to be honest, but seeing the little pudgy pink creature on my computer screen got me thinking..I don't know how to draw babies. I've not tried more than once to be honest. I am way to comfortable with the grown human figure so I thought that maybe by drawing anatomy that is slightly unfamiliar I might learn something valuable.

So I drew this. I did it without reference because my computer has been taken hostage on and of throughout the day. I didn't really mind. It was a challenge to try recollecting how babies are built just by trying to remember the shape of my little brothers and sister. As a first attempt I am willing to say that it's not too shabby. My next step will be trying to draw a baby while using reference material. I wonder how great the difference will be. It would be fun to do this as a little side project :P

So stay tuned for some more surprising... baby art!? :p

Until next time
Anita Night

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