Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm fine

So last night while burning that same midnight oil I had a surge of creative energy that just had to get out so instead of being a good girl and going to bed I stayed up drawing. I found a picture I had taken of myself a while ago(while I still had red hair) and used it as an inspiration. The look in the picture was a bit sad. It reminded me of how I look when I'm feeling depressed. It started a train of thought that lead to me thinking about what my fiancée usually asks when he can tell that I'm not doing to good. "Are you okay?" or "How are you feeling honey?". often I'll just say I'm fine. And then he'll look at me with a strict look on his face and remind me of what FINE means to him. "

Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional"

I swear that man knows more about me than I care to admit.

This is how the finished thing ended up looking:

the face was drawn by hand with pencil and a black felt tip pen. The pink paint splotches are watered down acrylic on watercolor paper, the font is a custom font named never let go, and the perforated holes on the side was a happy accident that occurred during scanning.

This is the original inspiration for the illustration. Ain't I just adorable (insert thick Texan accent or something) :p

As always do feel free to critique or comment upon my work.

Until next time
Anita Night

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