Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A good cause!

I wanted to talk a little bit about an issue I care about. Namely animals and animal rights. I'm not going to preach, but I feel like I have something to say and what better place to do that than here on my blog.

Say hello to Madiba, the chunky Halloween cat, and yes he exists. This illustration was inspired by my black, slightly overweight cat. We recently adopted him because his original owners had to move far away and they couldn't take him with them.

I have always loved animals, and I can't stand it when I see pets or other animals being mistreated. I don't understand how some people just leave their cats in cardboard boxes in the middle of the road or when owners beat their dogs or starve their livestock. It just makes me angry inside.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that share my views, and a lot of them are members of animal rights groups or work in animal shelters. Those people deserve a lot of praise for the work they do, but you don't have to work in a shelter or be an activist to help our four-legged friends. I believe in the greatness of little things, every little bit helps. I'm not a member of any group, but I try to do my part.  My first cat was a stray that I named Hedwig. Someone had just left her on the countryside, she was starved and tiny when she first came to us. I didn't have the heart to leave her by herself so I took her in. She was such a great pet, she was like a sneaky little cuddle-lovin' ninja cat. When I moved to Oslo I sadly had to leave her behind, but my grandmother took good care of her after that, but unfortunately she had to be put down due to illness (the cat, not my grandmother).

After moving around a bit and studying abroad we (my fiancée and I) decided it was time for a new cat.I chose to adopt a cat who needed a new home instead of buying a brand new kitten from a breeder. I originally wanted to adopt one from the local animal shelter, but they didn't have any cats that were suited to my living situation, and I didn't want to adopt a cat that I knew wouldn't be a fit. No-one would benefit from that. So I checked some on-line ads and we ended up with Madiba, a quiet, kind of shy black cat, who loves being carried around and snores when he sleeps. He loves food and he really likes sleeping in the hallway closet. Purrr-fect match.

My Fiancée and Madiba the cat.

A friend of mine has volunteered at an animal shelter for dogs and cats a few times. There volunteers can walk the dogs and socialize kittens and puppies. That is something I want to try one day as well. Now to all of my readers out there I want to encourage you to do some good too, because no matter what you do a little is better than nothing and will definitely be appreciated. Whether you choose to donate to an animal rights cause, adopt a pet from a shelter or from a home, volunteer some time or choose to join an organization. We all have favorite causes, and this is mine.

So if you've read this entire post, thank you, and remember to show some love for our furry friends

Until next time
Anita K. Olsen



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