Monday, June 13, 2011

Grand Etsy store Opening!

Oh yes, it is quite grand indeed. I wonder if this shop will be noticed by anyone besides my poor fiancée who has to attend and look at all the things I set my mind to doing, and my friends who by now are probably sick of me and my constant blog spamming.

But back to the point. Hurraaay, I opened an shop today. It only features two items for sale as of yet, but I will probably be adding some more items as soon as I decide what to put up there.

Should you want to visit it, please do. You can find it here:

I think the items for sale are priced very reasonably, considering the limited print run, and the techmical effort that has been put into the images. Hopefully someone will like them and purchase them.

Until next time
Anita Night

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