Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lamia- A D&D Monster

A pretty monster, if you're not overly terrified of beetles that is *shudders*.

The Lamia is described as such in the 4th edition D&D Monsters Manual:

"A lamia is a bizarre fey comprised of hundreds
of black scarab beetles. It lures wayfarers to their deaths by
assuming a pleasing humanoid guise.

When a lamia slays a humanoid creature, it adds
another beetle to its evergrowing swarm. When a lamia’s
swarm grows too large, it reproduces by first slaying a worthy
fey creature such as a powerful eladrin. Rather than consuming
the body, the lamia divides itself, filling the corpse with
hundreds of its beetles. Over time, these beetles devour the
corpse and arise as a new lamia. This newborn lamia gains
much of the victim’s memories and knowledge in the process."

Text (c) Wizards of the Coast. I didn't Harvard reference this as I assume that people will understand that I am merely qouting the text from the manual and I am not claiming it as my own in any way.

Anywhoot, I thought it seemed like an interesting creature and decided to make an illustration inspired by it. Making this image tokk me almost a month. And not because I'm slow, just because I had to do it in between my current projects, whenever there was some leftover time. So usually I got to work on this at around 21.00-00.00 at night. Hence it took a while.

I like the concept of the image, and I am happy with the composition too. The colours are kind of cool too. I am sooo happy with the hands to be honest I think they are possibly the best part of the entire illustration. It's probably because I had a reference photo taken of myself holding a big book.

There are probably a whole lot of things that I will find in about a weeks time that will make me hate this image, but it will only inform my practice so the next illustration will be better, and so on and so forth.

Please feel free to critique it or make suggestions on what I could improve upon, and also shameless flattery is gladly accepted of course :p

Until next time
Anita Night

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