Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I wish I had...

The poor art student's impossible wish list:

1. A new decent Wacom tablet, because my current tablet is starting to fall apart.

2. The new Painter 12. I don't have Painter at all and I'm dying to get it. I have too much respect for the brand to download it of the Internet.

3. ArtRage 3 because I love the oil brushes and the palette knife tools.

4. An apartment to live in, in September. Kind of hard to move back home to Norway without an apartment you know.

5. To have my wedding this year like I was supposed to, but can't because deposits on apartments in Norway are ridiculous and have blown apart my wedding budget (we're talking £3000 deposits for one bedroom apartments which is pretty much the sum of my entire life savings.)

Yes well that takes care of this months unrealistic dreaming. On a happier note; my projects seem to be going well. I'm moving forward. 7 down 38 to go (illustrations that is).


  1. Håper du finner gull krukka ved enden av regnbuen snuppa! Det fortjener du!

  2. Hehe takk skal du ha. Vi får krysse fingran :p