Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Troubling Tremble- An update form the young illustrators life

First I would like to congratulate myself, this is my 100th post. This means that I have been able to keep up with this blogg for quite some time now, and I still find it fun and interesting. I deserve cupcakes...So hopefully there will be a hundred more posts at least.

P.S. I actually made these myself, but for a different occasion, as of this moment I am sorrowfully cupcake free.

Now on to todays post. I woke up around 11.00, I think. I did my stomach exercises. Toasted two slices of bread, spread some butter on them and sat down in front of my computer and started working on my next illustration ( I don't enjoy breakfast no matter what nutritional experts say. I stopped eating breakfast regularly in the fifth grade. It just makes me feel queasy for some reason). The time is now 16.21 and I have not moved from the spot unless you count my trips to the bathroom and a trip to the washing machine to put on a new load of dirty clothes.

I got up to pre-heat the oven before dinner, and do some dishes. As soon as I reached the kitchen I started feeling faint. I actually started to tremble and my motor skills were quite off. It turns out that sitting in the same position in front of a computer with a drawing pad for what? Five and a half hours without eating is not such a good idea. You would think that one would have enough sense to feed oneself every now and then, but no. Apparently not. This my friends is why I don't have kids. They would starve.

At least my fiancée knows how to feed himself, if he didn't I think we would both be in serious trouble...:P It seems when you like what you do, and in addition have a tendency to become slightly obsessive it culminates in situations like the one I experienced today. Now usually I would say that I will learn from my mistakes and try to avoid this in the future, but who the hell am I kidding. With my Obsessive Compulsive personality (at least that's what one of my tutors at the university thinks) and insane work ethic it's bound to happen again.

I wonder if any of my readers have had similar experiences? If you feel like sharing please do. I think it would be quite entertaining to hear what other illustrators young and old have to say about the matter.

Until next time
Anita Night


  1. YES, I know the feeling too well... But I never learn from it:P Besides, eating is a waste of time, especially if you have some grate ideas in your head^^

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for following my blog :)

    Your work is very good, it has a wonderful fluid line quality about it.

  3. Vinter: Indeed it is a waste of time when your mind is focused on illustrating, you don't want to ruin your groove :P On a more serious note though. It's not healthy at all and we should be ashamed :p

    Jeff: You are welcome, your work seems very interesting. I could not do it, for sure.T hank you very much for your kind words, It's always nice to know people like what I do.