Friday, February 1, 2013

Drink and Draw - the Norwegian division, Episode 1!

Yeah it's here! My fellow illustration and art loving friends and I have joined up for a little drink and draw session via Google Hangouts. In this video we do just as the title says. We drink and we draw, and we talk a loooot!

This episode is our very first one and our aim was to draw beloved children's TV and movie characters as horror inspired characters. Join us and see the madness that ensues!

Warning: Explicit content and adult language is used in this podcast!!!

This is a Drink and Draw Hangout hosted and run by Norwegian illustrators and artists living in Norway. We drink, we draw and we talk, we talk a lot!
Join us in our first episode where we draw beloved children's TV and film characters as horror inspired characters!

Anita Olsen Stoebakk - Freelance illustrator


Adriane Vinter Freelance illustrator

Inna Hansen: Freelance illustrator

Jeanett Mikkelsen: Self-procclaimed artist

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