Monday, February 15, 2010

Monster Art Exhibit 2010

So the monster art exhibit was opened on Friday 12. of February. We hit a few bumps on the road, but we worked it all out. It was supposed to be on Saturday, but our venue bailed on us due to double booking. What can you do?

Well what we ended up doing was walking around half of Oslo asking any cafe or restaurant we could find if they could possibly host an art exhibition on veeeery short notice, suffice to say no one could/would be able to do that. Understandable since we had to do this on wednsday 10.February :P We lucked out though and got to rent the student pub at our school, and had the vernissage there.

The concept for the exhibit was Monster: interpretations. Basically three illustrators made interpretations of what a monster is to them or what a monster could be.

Here are the paintings I made for the exhibit:

My Zombieboy ^^

A vampire waiting for her prey...

My homage to the corpse bride

This is supposed to be a comment on alcoholism. The demon in the drink.

Is there anybody out there? Monsters are often something you can't see

Sort of a death moth, a more decorative take on a monster

Mr. and Mrs. Monster :P

I actually sold some of my paintings, and we get to have them a Restaurant called Luna at Aleksander Kiellands plass in Oslo, so if anyone in Oslo didn't get to see the exhibit but still would like to see them the exhibit will be hanging at Restaurant Luna from 15.00 the 16. of February

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