Tuesday, January 29, 2013


No surprises, no half truths, no false advertisement! Here there be PIE!
Even though this is not strictly in line with my usual subjects I just had to share this with you all. I made my first pie in December. It was a classic apple pie with caramel sauce and it was utterly delicious. Unfortunately my husband detests all manners of cake or pie that contains apple. He's not really a fan of pie in general really...
(I don't understand how such a thing is possible, how can one hate anything with caramel and apples in it?)
Anyway since then I've been determined to convert him into a pie lover! A task I imagine is slightly easier that converting people to the cult of the flying Spagetti monster, but he is a stubborn man so you never know.

These two certainly seem to think pie is the cat's pajamas!

This is my second attempt at making pie and after tons of research into different types of pie I decided to try baking Mini Peach Pies! They just seemed tart and sweet and perfect! Below are some pictures of my process. 

I had pre-made the crust and put it in my fridge for two hours. Yeah that's right! I don't fuck around when I bake, I make it all from scratch. (cred, right?!)  I rolled it out with my rolling pin...

And stuffed the dough into my mini tart molds, I brushed the bottoms with whisked egg and poked holes into them with a fork to keep them from buckling and being soggy:

In a bowl I put some chopped peach, sugar, cinnamon, flour, nutmeg and salt and tossed it around a bit. I filled my little pies with the filling and added a small lump of butter on top before putting on the lids.

At this point my kitchen looked like a small hurricane had blown through it, looked at the havoc I had wreaked and decided it's work was already done and went on it's own merry way.  below is a picture from new years eve when I was cooking...this doesn't even come close to how it looked today! I'm the messiest chef you'll ever meet.

 Here my lovely pies are cooking in the oven, becoming all delicious and golden!

Aaaand here is the finished result, six yummy mini peach pies. They smelled heavenly and tasted just as lovely.

I made two types of pie, one with a full lid and one with a snowflake shaped lid. Both ended up looking good.

Ooh just look at that little piece of tart! golden, crispy and juicy.

So the question that remains to be answered is, did my dear hubby like the pie? Yes in fact he did. He loved it, so all my hard work payed of. I can finally bake pies that we both will enjoy and I've converted the bastard to the great world of pie.
I wonder if he ever gets tired of me bugging him into trying out new things, because if you think this is the only hobby I have that he gets dragged into you are sorely mistaken, yes sir...or ma'am. You have no idea what that poor man goes through because of me :p

Until next time,
Anita Olsen Stoebakk



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