Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The dryads are coming!

Or well one dryad actually, there is no plural here. I recently entered the latest ArtOrder "Nymph" challenge. "What challenge was that?" you might ask. Well, I could tell you but you know what instead of me doing a second rate job of it and skipping important details (because I'm whimsy and a bit forgetful) I'll just link it to you instead! Go here! 

Even though I did not win the challenge I had a lot of fun working on this piece. Dryads are cool, I'll have you know( waves passionate finger about). I also struggled a bit for sure. I started the challenge in a sort of creative dry spell. Originally I wasn't going to do a portrait style image at all, but  no matter ho hard I tried my other idea just didn't work out at all. So this was sort of the emergency plan. 

As you can see I made the image look like a comic book cover, the title is just something I made up on the fly. Below you can see the image uncluttered by letters. 

If you want to see the other entries in this challenge then you can check out the ArtOrder blog here!

Until next time,
Anita Olsen Stoebakk


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