Monday, October 18, 2010

Advanced Individual D&D project, part 3 - composition

Over the past week I have been battling the flu, watching a whole lot of "The Big Bang Theory" episodes to prevent my head from exploding due to stress caused by the fact that I am sick and my head is slow like syrup. My throat was swollen to the extent where talking was painful and made me want to gag, so I've survived on throat relief tablets and tea. In spite of this I have gotten some work done (yay for me).

I've started making some compositional sketches for some of the art orders/briefs from WotC. Nothing too fancy, just quick, small thumbnails depicting what I want the illustrations to look like. Usually when working by myself I'll skip this step, because I usually end up using the first idea I came up with anyway (somehow the first idea is always the best one, go figure). This time around I decided to be as thorough as possible. No point in rushing such a big project as this and risk the possibility of ending up with mediocre work.

Here are some pictures of the composition sketches I made, as you'll see they aren't exactly what one would call beautiful or very detailed, but at least I have a basic idea of where I'm going next.

This one is for the crumbling tower brief. The top half is supposed to be missing, and the towers is supposed to be situated on a small bluff.

This one is for one of the cover design briefs. A male human fighter and a female halfling rogue are supposed to be battling goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears in a dungeon chamber.

This one is done for the Shadar-Kai warlock brief. She's supposed to be sitting or standing on a balcony overlooking the Shade Enclave, performing some sort of spell.

I've also done some character and artefact sketches, but I'm saving those for the next post.

Anita Night

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