Friday, October 15, 2010

Doodle do time

So this is a simple little sketch I did during the summer when playing D&D with our friends home in Tromsoe. I was supposed to be a sort of oriental martial artist if I remember correctly. It was not a standard class as the Game master had made his own classes and given us all special techniques. I don't remember what my class was named but it was interesting to play something new. My character wielded a big fan with blades on the tips, it was collapsable and doubled as a club. So I called it a "fan club" (get it). My sense of humour is very dry at times so please excuse me.

Anyway, here is the sketch of my character. I think she turned out alright, the only thing I'm unhappy about is the fact that her face is not oriental enough. 

Anita Night

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