Friday, October 22, 2010

Tattoo sketches

I'm just posting some sketches. Good to keep the activity up on my blog, and let the world see what I'm up to besides university work.

These are tattoo sketches I'm doing for this guy I know. He wanted rogues looking kind of sneaky or hunched , so that's what I made

There are some flaws in the anatomy and poses, but I intend to fix it as soon as the design is ok


  1. Coolies. What place on his body is he getting this for? The second one looks very iconic, could be great for a tattoo. If you are going for a design like that, be sure to keep the design ellement of the "swaying" cape, that is a pretty great graphic feature! :] especially the direction/flow of it.

  2. Heh yeah, the second is my favorite by far. The Orc needs a lot of work, he looks too human and isn't hunched over enough. He is taking up a lot of space. Was really pleased with the cloak on the Halfling rogue though. Tats are supposed to be on his arms somewhere. He wasn't too specific about it so I just drew something that could work on the underside/inside of his lower arms.