Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have recently been entertaining the idea of doing a podcast. It seems like a very fun albeit time consuming hobby, but also promotional tool. Because let's face it, it is. It is a tool that adds a new dimension to a otherwise normal blog like mine. There are of course some issues to be addressed, and they are as follows:

1. The thing is I have no experience doing podcasts, I am not exactly technically gifted, ask anyone who knows me. What I do have however is a strong personality and a nice telephone voice, which to me also translates into radio voice. I know this because I worked as a telemarketer for a few months and was told that most of the reason why I even got the job was because I sounded so pleasant on the telephone(if you disagree that's fine).

2. The next issue on my list is the subject. You have to have a subject. I very much doubt that people would want to listen to me drone about my personal life, to be honest it is not that interesting and I realize that. What I could do however is talk about the business of illustration and how I feel about being in it, being completely fresh out of school, setting up a freelance business and maybe do interviews with some fellow newcomers to the trade. I have also thought about recording and posting roleplaying sessions with our D&D/Pathfinder group. But of course that would mean that all of the players would need to consent to being brodcasted on the Internet. Not sure if they would, but it would be an interesting thing to have ones own epic saga shared with the world :p

3. The last remaining issue is time. I don't seem to have enough of it. Ever. My fiancée however has all the time in the world considering that he is not able to work and mostly stays at home. if I can convince him to help me out with editing an stuff, then maybe I would be able to pull it of.

I need to mull some more over this idea and the very concept of any future podcast. In the mean time I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. What do you think of podcasting? Have you had any experiences with it and are there any tips you could provide a budding podcaster with?

Until next time
Anita Night

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