Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poetry through imagery

So here are my illustrations for the final project module at my university. I handed it in on Tuesday. The thought behind this project was to create illustrations inspired by poetry. Specifically the poetry written by my fiancée Ole, who has previously participated in and won the international society of poets yearly poetry competition.

Should you wish to read his poems simply head over to his blog:

They are of course also featured in my artwork. I look upon the art of illustration as something that gives the written word more depth, more punch. It sort of tells a story that is not apparent to the reader simply through words. I am hoping that combining poetry and illustration will leave a longer lasting impression in the mind of the reader than a regular poem would.

This is the cover art:

Spread 1 , Mortal Darkness

Spread 2, Transparent

Spread 3, Dead

Spread 4, Last hour of life

Spread 5, Thought

Spread 6, Light

This poem was dedicated to me by Ole, and is one of the things I cherish most in the world.

Spread 7, Hope

Hopefully I succeeded in achieving my goals. I believe I did. Either way am pretty happy with how the project turned out. The style of the illustrations did take a different turn than I was intending, but I don't mind that happy accidents occur.

Until next time
Anita Night


  1. Great stuff, I really enjoy the skull just because I am partial to drawing them myself. Look forward to the next post!

  2. Thank you very much. Hehe I love skulls myself. Definitely one of my guilty pleasures :p