Thursday, May 17, 2012


Who says you can only have one career? Superstars nowadays seem to be juggling up to two or three careers at the same time, singer, designer, television  host, actor, you name it they do it. So why can't I?

I have grown up with dreams of becoming a rock star, an artist, an author, a dancer, at one point I even wanted to become a truck driver for the Coca Cola Company! (I was very little, don't judge). Some dreams faded and died and some are still alive today. I realized pretty early that I could not be a dancer because I don't have one co-ordinated bone in my body. I am afraid of cars and traffic so truck driver was out of the question, and I never learned to play an instrument, though I am still a decent singer so who knows. One of the dreams that have stuck with me so far is obviously the artist thing, I am an illustrator so that dream is coming true every day. The other dream that has made it so far is the dream of writing, and lately the urge to write has become stronger and stronger. I feel I can't ignore it anymore.

Illustration (c) Anita K. Olsen Illustration

I've been writing for years. Short stories or the beginnings of books, I have never published a single thing though. I love dreaming up characters and plots, weaving a magical tale that will set the imaginations of others on fire. I feel good on the inside when I write, just like I feel when I make illustrations. it's the intense joy of creation. Just thinking about it gets my heart pumping and makes my face feel warm. My only problem is that I am afraid to believe in myself and my own writing. I'm always afraid that it won't be good enough. I may love it myself, but will others? Therefore I have never submitted anything to a publisher. The closest I get to publishing things is when I write this blog. I enjoy it a lot, but I still dream of holding my very own book in my hands, written and illustrated by me...Aaah that is truly the dream.

I have a short children's story about the wind that I would really like to publish. It was originally created by my grandmother, she used to tell me that story when my brother and I slept over at her house. We absolutely loved it. Last Christmas my grandmother gave me the story, needless to say I cried like a baby when I opened the present. I think she hoped that I could finish what she had started. Her dream had been to become a children's book writer. She wanted to have her stories published, but she never got around to do it. Sadly, she died this year and thinking about it still breaks my heart into tiny pieces. So in honor of her memory my intention is to publish her story, as a last tribute to a wonderful person and a fantastic grandmother..Wish me luck..

Illustration (c) Anita K. Olsen Illustration

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Anita K. Olsen

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